Using Proven Methods and Practices in Marlow, Bucks

Through the use of cognitive behavioural therapy, and ideas and practices from mindfulness and compassionate mind therapy, I will help you to understand and resolve your worries. I'm Dr Louise Nairn, a qualified clinical psychologist in central Marlow, looking to help you overcome emotional and psychological concerns through psychology. Research and my own experience suggest that the therapy modes I use may offer best results for clients.

Working Collaboratively with You

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a collaborative therapy set in the here and now. As a collaborative therapy, CBT involves your feedback and ideas being valued and incorporated into the therapy as it evolves. Generally, I open sessions with clients by asking “What would you like to be different about you when we’re finished therapy?” and “How will you know whether therapy has been helpful?”

From this starting point, I will then ask questions about you and your life, enabling me to begin understanding how your problems developed and, importantly, what maintains them. Working on these maintaining factors often generates the best results for clients.

Therapy sessions will last for an hour and take place weekly or fortnightly, depending on your schedule. To reinforce the therapy, I may give you some tasks to carry out between sessions, as this has been found to increase the efficacy of CBT. If you would like to discuss what therapy might look like for you or book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Details about Sessions

My clients can rest assured that the therapy sessions take place in the utmost privacy and confidentiality. I invite clients to visit my private, home-based office and help them feel at ease with a relaxed and peaceful environment. (see photo of entrance) For your convenience, there is parking available directly outside. Charged at £100 (with some flexibility for students, keyworkers or people on a reduced income), the sessions are payable by BACS, and my flexible hours mean I can accommodate clients with even the busiest of schedules. The length of therapy differs from client to client, but we will decide upon this together. I am a recognised psychologist with BUPA, AXA, Aviva and Vitality insurers.

Working Collaboratively with You